How much should I pay for maid service?

How much should I pay for maid service?

A typical two-hour cleaning session costs between £19 and £45 a week, depending on where you live and the demands of the job, according to Liz Weston of MSN Money. If you pay more than £1,040 for a cleaning service in a single tax year, you must pay 7.65 per cent in federal employment taxes and 0.8 per cent for federal unemployment insurance.

Depends on Your Home Needs

How much you pay for a maid service depends on the size of your home, the types of duties you need performed and the number of people living in the house, according to Maid Brigade. Shop around at several places to get the best price for maid service.

Bottom Line

Basic housecleaning services cost £9 to £22 per hour, according to Weston, but expect to pay more as your level of service increases. In addition, you need to add applicable federal and state payroll taxes. You may also want to perform a background check, which usually costs £22 to £32.